It is never simply what we say but how we say it that matters. It is no longer acceptable to merely convey the message but, equally importantly, to embody the messenger.

We all have to speak. The point of Vocal Awareness is to teach us how to do it to the best of our abilities on our terms. This blog is an extension of what Arthur has been doing for decades: To help all those he works with to achieve their own enlightenment and enjoy their own empowerment.

Simply stated, the Vocal Awareness method is the how of learning to access/integrate/implement what is referred to as the Deeper Self in Conscious Awarenessā€”everywhere.

To learn Vocal Awareness is not complicated but it is complex, just as life is. Life need not be complicated, it is we who make it so. However, life is complex.

We create capsules for you to digest Vocal Awareness and Arthur's teachings. Enjoy!

New Beginnings: A Personal Reflection and New Year's Letter Jan 26, 2024

As I write this New Year’s letter, I approach a landmark in my life. I will be 78 this...

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