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Arthur Samuel Joseph has spoken globally for over six decades, throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. From multiple YPO events to international vocal symposiums, from Tony Robbins' Leadership Academies to TEDx Culver City, California, and of course numerous podcasts and online symposiums.

His lifelong dedication to his mission, “To Change The World Through Voice” imbues his work with a vital sense of urgency as our relationships, our culture, our nation, and our global community become increasingly dependent upon communication technology and social media to do the work of communication. As Arthur states, “We are on the cusp of losing the art of public discourse.” He has become a lone voice in raising the alarm that we aren’t simply losing the ability to communicate, we are losing our innate ability to connect with each other on even the most basic levels—physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong

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Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX

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Speaking Arthur Samuel Joseph - Tony Robbins Leadership Academy Virtual Event

Arthur has been a regular speaker at Tony Robbins' Leadership Academy annual event.

Speaking Arthur Samuel Joseph - YPO

Arthur Joseph has been voted “Best of the Best” by the Young Presidents Organization during the Edinburgh Chapter in 2017.

Speaking Arthur Samuel Joseph - N3 Media Conference

Arthur Joseph was invited to the AAJA's conference, N3Con for his talk "Your Voice, Your Truth".

Many years ago when Arthur was teaching Tony Robbins, they flew to Arizona to interview professor Robert Cialdini, who had just written his book on Influence. He spoke with them about what he called 'The Law Of Scarcity', the simple point is, Vocal Awareness is groundbreaking, Transformational Work which will provide your audience with take home value they cannot get anywhere else, nor from anyone else. Please trust us when we tell you, our few minutes together will truly help those who attend, discover something about them Selves and their possibility they never conceived could be achieved.

All of Arthur's talks are engagingly interactive, the audience is not spoken to; they interact with and do the Work right along with Arthur.

Here are a few sample topics:

Speaking Arthur Samuel Joseph - Arthur At The Leadership Academy Virtual
Speaking Arthur Samuel Joseph - Visceral Language Logo

Visceral Language — Making Voice Visual

During this talk your audience will learn how to literally, not figuratively, see every word they say on 'The Virtual Computer Screen In Their Mind's Eye'.

Empowerment Through Voice

During this talk, participants will discover the 7 Rituals of Vocal Awareness and interactively learn how to achieve Communication Mastery®.

Speaking Arthur Samuel Joseph - Empowerment Through Voice
Speaking Arthur Samuel Joseph - Sing Your Heart Out

Sing Your Heart Out

During this experience, everyone will truly learn how to 

Nurture, and
Give to ourselves and others.

From performing The Rose (written by one of Arthur's students), to folk songs, international favorites... Arthur also has specially designed holiday songs that those who experience them find joyful and deeply moving. As Arthur says, 'I love to bring people together through the joy of singing.' Continuing, he explains that 'sound is expressed emotion; when you use the same sound as in singing, you tap into an emotion you cannot access through spoken words.' 

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