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Transformative Books And Audiobooks - Vocal Leadership: 7 Minutes a day to Communication Mastery

Vocal Leadership

7 Minutes a Day to Communication Mastery, with a foreword by Roger Goodell commissioner of the National Football League

Vocal Leadership provides proven techniques and daily exercises to help you develop a commanding voice and presence, and improve vocal quality, mental acuity, body language, and self-esteem to dramatically increase your influence. Arthur takes you step-by-step through the process of becoming an effective and powerful speaker. A sample of the chapters included in this book are:

  • Voice Is Power—Creating Our Own History.
  • Storytelling: Moving from Messaging to Engagement.
  • Visceral Language: Making Voice Visual.
  • Body Language—the Body Speaks.
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Vocal Power

Harness Your Inner Voice to Conquer Everyday Communication Challenges, with a foreword by Michael Irvin Pro Football Hall Of Fame

In Vocal Power, Arthur shows you simple techniques and exercises that will:

  • Improve not just your posture—but also your stature.
  • Enhance your vocal quality.
  • Sharpen your mental focus.
  • Manage your fear of public speaking.
  • Grow your influence beyond your wildest dreams.
  • There is also a bonus chapter on singing called 'Singing: The Power and the Pleasure'.
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Transformative Books And Audiobooks - Vocal Power: Harness Your Inner Voice to Conquer Everyday Communication Challenges
Transformative Books And Audiobooks - The Sound Of The Soul: Discovering the Power of Your Voice

The Sound of the Soul

Discovering the Power of Your Voice

In this fascinating book, Arthur will show you how to Master Your Voice, enhance your Self - and change your life in just 7 minutes a day. Through the exercises of the Vocal Awareness Method, you will discover how to Own Your Voice, develop power through Self-awareness and integrate it into total mind/body/spirit wellness. Empower your Self with Vocal Awareness and discover the unique qualities and strength that reside when you tap into the sound of your soul.

I Want To Discover My Inner Power!

Vocal Power

Harnessing the Power Within

This book will help you accomplish a complete personal transformation. Through a series of sound-making and biomechanical warm-up exercises, you will deepen and liberate your breathing; engender relaxation in your tongue, jaw, neck, and shoulders; and strengthen your larynx (a.k.a. your "voice box") so that the sound of your Voice improves. Simultaneously, you will learn how to sharpen your concentration and move through and beyond any emotional obstacles. As Arthur says, you will learn how to no longer be 'the cork in your own bottle'.

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Transformative Books And Audiobooks - Vocal Power: Harnessing the Power Within
Transformative Books And Audiobooks - Vocal Awareness: How to Discover, Nuture, and Project You Natural Voice

Vocal Awareness

How to Discover, Nurture, and Project Your Natural Voice

In this audiobook, you will work along with Arthur one-on-one in order to gain a new understanding of how your voice works, uncover its connections to your mind/body/spirit, learn vocal exercises to explore and connect with your feelings, and dramatically enhance your vocal performance.

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Sing Your Heart Out

The Vocal Awareness Method for Releasing Your Natural Voice

In Sing Your Heart Out, you will learn Arthur's groundbreaking system, which integrates spiritual principles for Self-awareness with his secrets for using your mind/body/spirit to sing powerfully and easily. It includes a songbook with 12 songs with melody lines and Arthur gently guides you through vocal exercises that are truly empowering. As Arthur says, we sing to 
Nurture, and
Give to ourselves and others.

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Transformative Books And Audiobooks - Sing Your Heart Out: The Vocal Awareness Method for Releasing Your Natural Voice
Transformative Books And Audiobooks - Voice of a Leader: Vocal Awareness to Empower Your Communicaton in Business and in Life

Voice of a Leader

Vocal Awareness to Empower Your Communication in Business and in Life

In Voice of a Leader, Arthur offers proven methods to help you create a paradigm shift in the way you embody and reflect your Self. You will learn the skills necessary to maximize the power of your voice, increase your confidence, and instill Conscious Awareness in your communication both in business and in life. You will learn:

  • The seven Vocal Awareness rituals to become a more authentic and powerful communicator.
  • How to make the sale with the power of storytelling.
  • Ten proven strategies for enhancing vocal stature.
  • And so much more.
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