A Champion Does It Differently

Is there a difference between a very good player and a true champion?

The answer is YES!

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Embody Your Inner Champion

A running theme for many years in Vocal Awareness is the thesis that “A Champion does it differently.” Our philosophy was prompted when Arthur realized that an athlete doesn't achieve Championship status simply because of their talent or gift. He has observed over the years that the real differentiator between a very good player and a Champion is the quality of the work ethic. A Champion works harder, smarter, is more focused while sustaining their level of play more consistently over time than anyone else on the team. A champion makes a team play better.

The point of this is not to regale you with tales of great athletes, rather to awaken you to the concept that the word ‘champion’ simply means ‘winner’. The root source arose in the 14th century. Another interpretation of that word is dazzlingly skilled in any field. In Vocal Awareness, we do not use it as a sports-centric term, but rather as a life-affirming term. A Champion Does Do It Differently!

So prepare to embody your inner champion, not just in “game situations” but everywhere you go, in everything you do — in who you are at every moment.

The commitment to excellence

Arthur has worked with the National Football League for many years and has trained numerous NFL Champions. In August 2024, his 30th student will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Below are a few of the NFL Hall of Fame inductees delivering the speeches that Arthur helped them craft and perform. Each Champion’s speech is annotated in Visceral Language and they truly embody Vocal Awareness. In addition, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin committed to fully memorizing their speeches. They had no notes, no teleprompter.

Extraordinary Dedication

Arthur has had the privilege of teaching myriad world-class athletes. The most recent being NBA Champion—Dwyane Wade. In this performance, you will experience Dwayne impeccably deliver his retirement speech from the Miami Heat on February 22, 2020. It is an extraordinary example of the Vocal Awareness thesis, “A Champion Does It Differently.” Dwyane embodied Vocal Awareness while reading his entire speech annotated in Visceral Language on a teleprompter. It was the first time Dwyane had ever delivered extended prepared remarks and read extensively from a teleprompter (they also had no opportunity for a dress rehearsal).

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