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Join the world's foremost authority on the human voice to learn how to command your life, speak up, and love your voice by implementing these transformational techniques and Mastery skills once reserved only for the top celebrities, elite athletes, and corporations in the world.

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Founder and chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute, Arthur Samuel Joseph, M.A., is widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost communication strategists and authorities on the human voice. 

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The #1 authority On the human voice

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Arthur has spoken globally for over six decades

Throughout the United States, Europe, China, and Latin America to multiple YPO events to Tony Robbins' Leadership Academies, TEDx Culver City, California, and of course numerous podcasts and online symposiums. Get Arthur Samuel Joseph, M.A., on your stage in person or virtual.

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Training Programs

Are you ready to be your Self in every communication?

Arthur has meticulously designed online training programs that will help you Own Your True Voice and therefore Own Your True Power in every aspect of your life.

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Learn how to communicate like a LEADER

Get the book that resonates with you and find out what so many others already know.

"There are numerous books on what to say and how to speak, but only gifted teacher Arthur Joseph can teach us how to connect with others through the extra dimension of our Voice." — Daniel Yun, CEO, Belstar Group

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Changing The World Through Voice

Life-changing stories

Resources on how to truly embrace the Power of Your Voice and overcome the two greatest fears.

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Discover how the methods of Vocal Awareness are used in all aspects of personal life and business.

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TEDx with Arthur

Arthur talks about Empowerment through Voice and how to Master Communication as a Leader.

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