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Vocal Awareness teaches Empowerment Through Voice, when you own Your Voice, you own Your Power. Everything we offer is designed to help you discover your Voice and Live Your Truth.

Online Courses - Own Your Voice - Leadership Academy Mastermind

Leadership Academy Mastermind

Live Program - Started on February 29, 2024

Unlock the true potential of your voice for unparalleled personal and professional success in just 12 weeks. Inside the program, you'll take an exclusive journey of transformation that will help you Master the Art of Communication and achieve excellence in every area of your life.

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Online Courses - Own Your Voice - Visual Voice Pro

Visual Voice Pro

Self-paced Course

In this course Arthur will introduce you to the concept of Visceral Language and How to 'Make Voice Visual' literally see every single word you say on the virtual computer screen in your mind's eye — It is a groundbreaking trademark technique. You will learn how to improve your preparation and practice time by annotating your scripts, PowerPoint slides, keynote addresses, and any speaking experience. Your presentations will immediately become more compelling and empowering.

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The Art of Deeper Listening

Self-paced Course

This exclusive Executive Speaking 2-hour workshop is a pragmatic, interactive, comprehensive workshop taught by Arthur and his protégé and Vocal Awareness partner, Jennifer K. Hill  Chairman of Metabizics, that will Help You Integrate Communication Skills In Your Business And Life.

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Online Courses - Own Your Voice - The Art Of Deeper Listening
Online Courses - Own Your Voice - Vocal Awareness Leadership Academy

The Vocal Awareness® Leadership Academy

Self-paced Course

Learn the proven Techniques to Confidently Embody Your Authentic Self and Transform how you communicate and Inspire others. In this comprehensive training program, you will learn:

  • Visceral Language
  • The 7 Rituals of Vocal Awareness
  • Vocal Exercises
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Body Language Techniques
  • Storytelling
  • And more.
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Achieve, Reclaim, and Command Your Destiny

Self-paced Course

Speech is habit. We just talk — Achieve, Reclaim, and Command Your Destiny (ARC) introduces the concept of Communication Mastery. Throughout this 9-week self-paced program, you will learn skills and techniques that will help you in every area of Your Life.

Are you comfortable in any communication setting? If you are not comfortable being yourself in every communication interaction ARC is for you.

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Online Courses - Own Your Voice - Achieve, Reclaim, and Command Your Destiny

They Found Their Voices

Many people start where you are right now. You are on the verge, ready to take the leap. Don't let anything stop you from Achieving Your Greatness. They made it; so can you. Here are just a few clips of many individuals sharing personal insights about the value of Vocal Awareness in their lives — personally and professionally.

Don't know where to start? Tell us Your Needs and we will guide you

Arthur always says he is here for you to the best of his abilities. As you take the Vocal Awareness Journey, we are here for you every step of the way.

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