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Claim Your Authentic Voice

Vocal Awareness® is about helping you Unlock the Power of Your Voice and Transform Your Live while experiencing the unparalleled Journey of aligning your imagination, Vision, story, and Voice to empower your mind/body/spirit. Vocal Awareness isn't just about enhancing your speaking and vocal skills; it's about discovering and embodying the essence of Who You Are.

Vocal Awareness® teaches Communication Mastery, which is also a metaphor for Life Mastery. We communicate constantly, whether speaking face-to-face, virtually, or on the telephone—from a casual greeting to our most intimate relationships. Before Vocal Awareness®, there was no systematic method that taught us how to be ourselves everywhere at all times with no artificial presentational component.

Vocal Awareness® is not just a collection of effective techniques to improve your speaking and vocal skills. By being in, and experiencing Vocal Awareness, you will Claim Your Authentic Voice and learn to:

Advance your career.
Improve your relationships.
Communicate more effectively.
Live in mind/body/spirit consciousness. 
Fulfill your Life Mission.
Appreciate the sound of your own Voice.
Become a leader or become an even better leader.
Enhance your singing, broadcasting, or other Vocal Art.
Speak with confidence and live confidently.
Show up with determination, grit, and a commitment to excellence.
Inspire—Offer others hope that they too can achieve their best.
Discover the joy inherent in letting go of tension and fear.
Embody your Authentic Self and Claim Your Greatness.
I Am Ready To Claim My Voice!

The Vocal Awareness method®, teaches all modalities of Voice, including speaking, singing, acting, broadcasting, etal. It is the foundation of Arthur Samuel Joseph's life Work, a synthesis of dedicated scientific research, purposeful experimentation, scholarly study in the humanities, as well as his unique exploration and insights into the way Voice can transform, not only our vocal style and communication skills, but our Self-Esteem and its impact on how we are known and seen. Vocal Awareness teaches Communication Mastery, Leadership Mastery, Life Mastery. In short, Empowerment Through Voice.

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Mr. Joseph was going to sleep one night in 1980 reading Quest magazine when a thought came to him that didn't go away until it made him get up and write it down. The only paper he had was the cover of the magazine, which is framed on his studio wall today. It says:

“Voice is the only artistic experience which is both finite and infinite at the same time. It is fallible and fragile, gone in an instant, unseen only felt. Remembered from the past—even a long moment ago. Sensing its future even as its present is just beginning. It is a complex, simple and beguiling transcendent state. ”

-Arthur Samuel Joseph

Arthur continued working with this idea for a number of years to deepen his understanding of the profound experience he had and to reflect on it from the perspectives of voice science, philosophy, and spirituality. This exploration led him to experiment with substituting other words for the word 'Voice', such as 'Life is the only artistic experience that is both finite and infinite at the same time', or 'Love, it is fallible and fragile, gone in an instant, unseen yet only felt'.

Years of deeper reflection led him to understand the paradigm shift that Vocal Awareness represents in teaching the integration of Life/Love with the Power of Voice.

Your Voice Is Your Identity

It reveals everything about Who You Are and how you show up in the world. Many people do not realize how much their Voice actually reveals about them in terms of their confidence and insecurities.
I Am Ready To Claim My Voice!

Unlock the Power of Your Voice and Transform Your Life

We dare you to discover and embody the essence of Who You Are.

I Am Ready To Claim My Voice!