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"Arthur is arguably the top voice coach in the world." β€” Henry DeVries, Forbes

Broadcast Appearances

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From Fox News to the NFL Network, from BBC to the Wall Street Journal.. Arthur has participated in numerous interviews, where he has been positioned as the world-renowned teacher, mentor, and top celebrity vocal coach. Arthur shares tips and teachings wherever he goes to fulfill his mission 'To Change The World Through Voice'.


Interview with Fox News Channel

2019 NFL Season β€œThank You”

Interview with Fox35 Good Day Xtra Orlando, FL

"The meeting begins before you walk into the room." β€” Arthur Samuel Joseph

Podcast Appearances

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In the podcasts Arthur has been invited to, he shares how your Voice impacts every waking moment of Your Life, inviting you to be aware of how your Voice, or the way you speak, affects the message you are trying to relay. Discover the techniques you could learn to ensure you exude confidence, integrity, and sincerity in every communication and in full Conscious Awareness.


(Partial List)

Arthur has been featured in Forbes, HuffPost, The Wall Street Journal, and countless other print and digital media outlets.

Arthur Samuel Joseph In The Media - Forbes

How To Communicate Like A Boss

Do you know what perhaps is the most powerful and underutilized tool you have in your life and your business? Would it surprise you to know it is your voice?

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Arthur Samuel Joseph In The Media - Huffpost

How Vocal Exercises Can Improve your Confidence

When we are afraid of what others think of us, of how we are judged and when we are afraid of our own greatness, of taking ownership of our power.

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Arthur Samuel Joseph In The Media - The Wall Street Journal

Tricks of the Trade: How to Ask for a Raise

Want to deliver group presentations with confidence or improve your social skills at an office party? Arthur tells you the tricks of his trade.

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Arthur Samuel Joseph In The Media - Fox Business

Become a Better Leader with Vocal Exercises

Arthur Samuel Joseph points out that finding the right tone can be a big struggle for people, particularly women.

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Arthur Samuel Joseph In The Media - Fort Worth Business Press

Vocal Awareness: It’s a performance not a presentation

Many people may think that speaking is a natural act that does not need skill development, but that isn’t true.

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Arthur Samuel Joseph In The Media - Forbes

Surprise Leadership Tip To Soar Through COVID-19 Crisis

Your leadership matters, especially during a crisis. How do you soar as a leader?

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