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Voice impacts every moment of our waking life. The Vocal Awareness Method helps us to recognize and consciously develop the richness and integrity of our authentic Voice.

Over the last 50 years Vocal Awareness has become the foundation for Communication Mastery shared by executives, actors, broadcasters and individuals in diverse fields as well as networks, corporations and universities. Vocal Awareness encompasses a method for improving vocal resonance, strength and presence and it also is designed to help people engage in their own empowerment.

Vocal Leadership is in Stores


Vocal Leadership: 7 Minutes a Day to Communication Mastery

Arthur’s new book, Vocal Leadership: 7 Minutes a Day to Communication Mastery, has arrived. Vocal Awareness teaches us the importance of embodying not just the “message” but the “messenger” in every communication.

Read more here or order in the Vocal Awareness store,
at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or the iTunes Store.

Vocal Awareness

Newsletter February 2014

Arthur in Action February brings to mind two distinct yet related questions, one what it takes to embody leadership as symbolized by President’s Day and two what does it mean to “share our heart” as represented by Valentine’s Day. Recently I read a “Science Daily” article discussing a study that was done on authenticity and leadership. The conclusion the article […] ...

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Shira Lazar

Shira Lazar
Host and Executive Producer, Social Media Columnist
I realized through Arthur that Vocal Awareness and my Voice were very much connected to who I am and my art; what I wanted to bring to the world. ...

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Arthur Joseph's Blog

Finding your Vocal Coach, Singing or Voice Teacher

The 7 Most Important Things to Look for in a Voice Teacher, Vocal Coach, or Singing Teacher I’ve been teaching voice for almost as long as I could remember. Here are some helpful tips for any voice student about what to expect in your Vocal Coach. First and foremost, feel safe, emotionally, physically, spiritually. When we train with a voice […] ...

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Jeff Emig

[ Jeff Emig ]
Sports Broadcaster, Motocross and Supercross Champion
The biggest benefit is that it is helping me, not only to empower my voice—the message and the messenger—but helping me see the best in myself. ...

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