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“Communication Mastery is the commitment to live life to the best of your ability on your terms, as well as to communicate integrally and masterfully at all times. That is the key to success in business—in life. It is trainable.” – Arthur Samuel Jospeh

Vocal Power

Vocal Leadership: 7 Minutes a Day to Communication Mastery

by Arthur Samuel Joseph, Founder of Vocal Awareness

Vocal Leadership gives you the tools to discover your unique voice and use it strategically to empower yourself and others to success. Research proves that the greatest impact speakers have in any conversation comes not only from the words they say but from the sound of their voices. In other words, it is not just the message but the messenger that matters.

In Vocal Leadership, Arthur Joseph, the world’s leading communication strategist, shares all his secrets to Communication Mastery with you. Vocal Leadership provides proven techniques and daily exercises to help you develop a commanding voice and presence, and improve vocal quality, mental acuity, body language, and self-esteem to dramatically increase your influence. Arthur takes you step-by-step through the process of becoming an effective and powerful speaker.

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In Vocal Leadership you’ll learn:

  • Breathing techniques and vocal warm-ups for daily practice to improve the sound and feel of your voice
  • Effective storytelling in verbal expression and body language that will make your communication clearer and more powerful
  • How to integrate your inner voice and your external expression so every communication is truly authentic and advances your goals
  • How to be in mastery in every conversation, public address, and personal encounter

Arthur Joseph’s Vocal Awareness method has contributed to the success of world-famous actors, athletes, broadcasters, and top business leaders. Whether you are delivering a sales presentation to a group of five or giving a shareholders speech to an audience of hundreds, the way you communicate is the difference between success and failure as a leader. Empower yourself to lead to the best of your ability on your terms with Vocal Leadership.

For anyone aspiring to improve as a leader, no matter your line of work, I highly recommend taking the time to learn more about Arthur Joseph’s Vocal Awareness Method for true leadership. Don’t underestimate the importance of your voice and its enormous potential for making a positive difference in your personal life, your business life, and the organization you represent.”

Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the National Football League

As with any renowned brand—personal or professional—projecting who you are with authenticity and in one voice is paramount to success. The Vocal Awareness Method to Communication Mastery is a powerful tool that will ensure your voice as a leader, innovator, or captain of industry is resounding.”

Herve Humler, president and COO of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Arthur is the true master of communication in business and in life. He has proven to be the go-to expert on how to use our vocal skills to be better people, better professionals—the best we can be!”

Doug Harward, founder and CEO of TrainingIndustry.com

Order your copy here in the Vocal Awareness store, or at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or the iTunes Store.

Vocal Leadership Workshop

Arthur Samuel Joseph demonstrates the use and result of Vocal Awareness methods at a Vocal Leadership workshop.

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Voice Is Power—Creating Our Own History

Vocal Awareness—Voice Is Who We Are

Practicing 7 Rituals for 7 minutes 7 days a week allowed me to surrender to my truth and step in stature into my power. Vocal Awareness released me to joyfully claim my Voice. Vocal Leadership will positively impact the trajectory of your professional and personal life forever!”

Anne Palmer, Emmy Award-winning talk show host and author of The Gifted Trap

Whether you are an executive looking to influence the board, a leader looking to inspire your team, or a speaker looking to engage a crowd, at the core is realizing the personal power of your voice. Arthur Joseph’s focus on the mastery of specific rituals and the development of one’s persona enables individuals to unleash their unique inner strength and achieve empowerment through voice!”

Cherita McIntye, PhD, Director of executive learning at ESPN

Arthur Joseph is without peer in developing communication and presentation skills. His use of technique, coupled with passion and belief, combine for a spiritual approach to mastering communication skills—to present who you truly are and what you represent as a form of self-fulfillment.”

John Branca, Entertainment attorney and coexecutor of the Michael Jackson Estate

Voice Is Power—Creating Our Own History

Voice Is Power. This statement has been expressed for millennia. And, as in most things to do with voice or communication, we believe we have a clear understanding of what this means. One interpretation implies vocal strength, as in, he or she has a loud voice. Another may imply vocal stamina, “Christine can speak for hours at our corporate events, and her voice never seems to tire.” Or, “Jerry conveys strong leadership authority.”

However, when speaking about voice or communication, what else is implied in the statement, “Voice is power”—character traits, for example? “Hector always seems so honest when he speaks with our customers.” “Louise is a great sales associate. She is our most successful telemarketer. Our client surveys always reflect how trustworthy she seems over the phone when speaking.” What other positive attributes come to mind? Caring, thoughtful, earnest, respectful, secure, authentic, friendly, happy, and so forth.

Or, the antithesis might be the case. “Charlotte is very aggressive with subordinates. Her staff doesn’t feel she respects them and, because of this, productivity in her division is negatively impacted.” “At the office, Richard appears so arrogant that colleagues are having trouble collaborating with him.” Yet, a different type of example, “John seems so anxious when he speaks with everyone—his peers or his bosses. He is bright, but his seeming lack of confidence holds him back.” Other negative attributes: insensitive, immature, disengaged, territorial, not trustworthy, self-serving, inauthentic, and so forth.

Voice is power. Vocal Awareness interprets this statement from a very specific perspective. First, literally—it means what it says. But, second, from a far more complex, comprehensive, depthful, insightful, yet clear and concise understanding, this interpretation understands that Voice reflects all of who we are intrapersonally—our inner Voice—our dreams, aspirations, fears, doubts, our very spiritual/emotional/intellectual essence. The inner Voice is what is known in Vocal Awareness as the Deeper Self. It is who we are. It is our innate nature. It is our behavioral DNA imprint combined with our social imprint. It is connected to our protected life in the womb floating securely in amniotic fluid, and influenced by our life outside the instant we are thrust into our new external environment.

Vocal Awareness—Voice Is Who We Are

Communication Mastery is an outgrowth of Vocal Awareness. Vocal Awareness is the roots of the tree and its circulatory system. It nourishes who we are and everything we do. Communication Mastery is the flowering of the tree—the results that come from patient care and consistent effort.

Vocal Awareness informs everything we do. It supports us in living life to the best of our ability on our terms. It is the most comprehensive personal development work there is. It is also the most personal, and therein lies both the opportunity and the challenge. The opportunity is discovering, defining, practicing, and sustaining what it takes to be our best. The challenge is believing that we have what it takes to be that—our best.

Vocal Awareness is a very personal work. It is an intimate work. Please note that the root of the word intimate, intimus in part means intrinsic or essential. It is intrinsic to be who we are, essential that we must be who we are.

A number of years ago while teaching a corporate client who was quite conflicted about how bold he could actually be in a presentation we were preparing, I began discussing the concept of hubris. After looking it up in the dictionary, he discovered that the first definition was “extreme arrogance or an example of it.” The following conversation ensued. I rhetorically said, “If you asked my former student Arnold Schwarzenegger what he thought about his body in his prime, for him to say anything other than the obvious, that is, ‘I worked very hard to develop my muscles to their fullest and to define my body to look like this and achieve the success I have’ would be foolish. If you asked Emmitt Smith, another former client, if he thought it arrogant as he began his NFL career to boldly state to himself and write down in his journal that he wanted to become the all-time leading rusher in the history of football, would he consider this arrogant? Emmitt would say, ‘No.’ I then asked, ‘Why is it acceptable for these men to speak their truth about themselves and make bold statements about their vision, yet you are intimidated to confidently express your ideas to the CEO and to the Board in this important address when you are already seen as a significant leader in the company?’ Use your strong resonant voice and definitively and confidently convey what it is you are there to say. This is not egotistical; it is professionally responsible, and who you are. You are the executive vice president of your division. You told me that this presentation creates a career opportunity for potential advancement—paving the way to ultimately becoming the CEO. It is your responsibility to yourself and the corporation to step in and step up.”

It was at this moment that Vocal Awareness reframed for this leader the concept of hubris. He implicitly understood that in Vocal Awareness, hubris is not interpreted as extreme arrogance, rather, it acknowledges our understanding of excellence and what it takes to be our best irrespective of what anyone else might think. A few moments later, when he returned to work on his presentation on camera, there was a fundamental shift in what he embodied and how he communicated his message. He later reviewed his video at home and called me to say, “Thank you for helping me be myself.” He is now one of the top five leaders of this worldwide company. Many consider him the heir apparent to the CEO.

Order your copy of Vocal Leadership here in the Vocal Awareness store, or at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or the iTunes Store.

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