Leadership Acrostic

Leadership Acrostic

One of the tools in Vocal Awareness is an acrostic on “Leadership” that Arthur created some years ago. An acrostic (from the Greek: ákros “top” and stíchos “verse”) is a form of writing in which the first letter, syllable or word of each line, paragraph or other recurring feature in the text spells out a word or a message. In this way, not only can it be seen as a form of poetry, but the fact of the first letter spelling a word means it can also be used as a mnemonic device to aid memory retrieval.

In the Vocal Awareness Leadership acrostic, The “L” stands for “Leading By Example.” To do this, we have to “hold the space” for our Selves. In other words we need to create a “Safe Harbor” within ourselves for contemplation, compassion and integrity. This is where Arthur suggests we go and where he goes internally during his daily time for solitude. When we embody the best of who we are, we raise the bar for our Selves and create the opportunity to ennoble (one of the key components of Leadership in Vocal Awareness – ennobling) others. In this way, we demonstrate a new brand of leadership based on mind/body/spirit and true mastery – leadership that propels us to a new understanding and demonstration of excellence.

In Vocal Awareness, a Leader is Consciously Aware of BEING who they are, never presenting – a process of discovery supported by the Vocal Awareness Persona, Mission and Vision Statements. This courage to BE authentic, to embody not just the message but “the messenger” is required of great leaders. In other words, don’t just “give a speech,” instead, consciously embody who you are and tell a Story. Whether in business or in life – to find and claim “The Voice of a Leader” – you have to find and claim your Self.

The Vocal Awareness Leadership Acrostic

Leading By Example.

Please note: Throughout Vocal Awareness literature, you’ll see the appearance of words separated by a slash. This is Arthur’s way of letting you know that he thinks of those words as integrally connected – allowing them to attain a kind of collective meaning. So, taken together, the words bring you to a deeper understanding of the concept Arthur is communicating.

Use Vocal Awareness and this Leadership Acrostic to energize, embolden and support you in being your best. As with all elements of Vocal Awareness this acrostic is integral and synergistic – remembering a letter’s meaning at a particular moment will bring you back to your Vocal Awareness Practice, such as your Empowerment Statements, Stature and the Seven Rituals. Most importantly, please remember we are speaking about excellence and not about “perfection,” which inhibits risk-taking and exploration. Honor your Self today and always by striving to live in mind/body/spirit consciousness, claiming all of who you are and Leading by Example.